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Evogy Fuel Filtration

Fuel Contamination restricts the performance of a vehicle or can even cause engine failure. Evogy Rare Earth filtration eliminates fuel contamination, ensuring maximum reliability, range and improved fuel economy.

Fuel contamination is a fact of life.  It can restrict performance, cause serious and expensive damage to many system components including pumps, lines, and injectors or even cause engine failure. Fuel contaminants have many sources; most are external to the fuel system itself, that is, most contaminants come with the fuel that is delivered to the fuel tank. As it comes from the refinery, fuel is clean but contaminants in diesel fuel are typically introduced in fuel storage systems through mixing, transferring, and storage.

Water contamination is the greatest concern because it is the most common form of contaminant. Bacteria and fungus thrive at the water interface in the fuel.  Micro-organisms, bacteria and enzyme activity, fungus, yeast and mould cause diesel fuel degradation and the formation of sludge.   The sludge will form a coating or bio-film on the walls and baffles of the fuel tank, plug fuel filters, adversely impact combustion efficiency, produce dark smoke from the exhaust, and impact on performance.

Provided fuel is free from microbial contamination it will have a shelf life of many years and provide very efficient combustion.  Even fuel that comes from a good supply should, however, be filtered as it is being delivered to site.  Without filtration, any bacterial growth in the new fuel will quickly contaminate the existing fuel and colonise new growth.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and it is always better to treat the fuel sooner rather than later.  The use of rare-earth magnet technology during delivery instantly changes the molecular structure of the bacteria, breaking it apart and restricting its ability to grow and multiply within the tank.

Sediment and other solids can also often get into fuel tanks and cause problems such as pump and injector damage and general fuel system blockage.

Clean fuel is essential for efficient, optimum engine performance. Microbial contamination accounts for about 90% of fuel problems and engine failures including engine and fuel system corrosion. Elimination of microbial  contamination will:

  • Substantially reduce filter blockage and extend filter life
  • Reduce emissions and improve fuel efficiency for end users
  • Reduce injector wear and breakages
  • Reduce fuel-related breakdowns
  • Reduce engine corrosion
  • Reduce black smoke

In addition to dealing with microbial contamination, rare-earth magnetic filtration also removes para-magnetic and ferrous contaminants.  This includes removal of all particulate from sub-micronic ferrous oxide in suspension up to and including scaling from the tank.  It will also remove non-magnetic particles such as aluminium, silicon, calcium and magnesium.

The units are a one-time purchase with no consumables -once fitted they continue to operate whenever the fuel passes through the filter. The units are easy to install, require no power source and minimal maintenance.  Use of rare-earth filtration eliminates use of corrosive, expensive and eco-harmful biocides.

Evogy Rare Earth Magnetic filtration has been extensively tested and is ATEX approved.


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